believe what u want to believe

Today, I saw christian missionaries for the first time. They were knocking from door to door. We simply exchanged smiles. 

I thought to myself, to them, christianity is the right religion as Islam is to us. That's why they were doing their best to propagate the message of christianity. To them, they were trying to 'save' us who aren't christians. We shouldn't despise them. Hatred was never the right thing to do. Both prophets Muhammad Rasulullah s.a.w & Prophet Isa (to christians, Jesus), peace be upon them, never taught us hatred. Instead of hating these missionaries, what we should really do is master the knowledge of Islam & spread the message of Islam.

If these missionaries are working so hard, we should work much harder rather than sitting in our comfortable arm chairs & complaining. Who knows, maybe one day they, too, will become Muslims. And only Allah knows how hard they'll work to propagate the message of Islam then.

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