you are da one and the only...


Dad, I remembered you being so strict,
You pulled my ear real hard when I came back late from playing,
When I failed to answer your questions when you taught me maths
When I ran played around the house and broke the aquarium.


I remembered you being so fierceful,
You scolded me right in the face when I didn't wear shoes to school
When teacher called to the house when I hit my schoolmate
When I hide my homework under the carpet

But, you came to school every week to check my progress
You asked the teacher to take care of me
You hurried to fetch me even though you're busy
You said don't worry about money even though we know it's worrying you
You woke up early every morning and send us to 3 different schools and didn't even complaint

Dad, back then you had black hair,
Your face was free from wrinkles
You were so strong
That I can see your fingermarks on my face after 3 days

Now, you had grey hair
You wear spectacles
You have wrinkles everywhere

I remembered your tears rolled secretly when I got my results
But you hid them from me
I'm trying to make the tears roll again dad

Happy birthday my father...

Love you dad

-spread the love-

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